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The Giving Tree was a program that began in 2020 seeking to address the variety of hardships that families had endured during the pandemic. 


This program is a community supported giving tree that will help those who have found themselves in a place of significant need. Whether your family's need is due to hardships within the home, poverty, new impacts of job loss, medical emergencies, or if making ends meet just has not been happening for your family this year; please apply. Deadline November 19th.

Since this program is entirely based on the generosity of families within the community, we will seek that generosity out through public displays where they will be matched with a family in need. Deadline to be a donor: December 15th.

Giving Tree Recipient Request
Deadline November 19

The deadline for families requesting to be a recipient has passed.  Please contact Matt Larson if you have any questions or concerns.
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