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Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention

Hi! If you missed my video from earlier this week, my name is Matt Larson.

April is child abuse awareness month. In the reporting of child abuse cases for 2019, Wisconsin alone found that 27 children died due to child abuse. At Family Advocates, we operate with a core belief that one case of child abuse is too many.

There are many factors that contribute to child abuse; these include, but are not limited to:

· Societal factors such as poverty, or community violence.

· Adult or caregiver factors like low self-esteem, poor emotional control, personal

abuse history, substance abuse and more.

· Sometimes characteristics of a child that increase the likely hood of abuse include:

disability, chronic illness, behavioral conditions and/or disobedience.

The advocates at Family Advocates are here to help. When we meet with parents and we can provide assistance by listening and helping to find the resources for education and support you want for you or your children. We will provide you with options that can help you process past abuse or future emotional regulation and we can connect you with support systems whether they be with another organization or through one of our group or 1:1 service. We will advocate for the support that your family needs.

Advocates can meet with children in one to one or group settings to help them with emotional recognition and regulation skills and provide them with outing opportunities and more. We strive to remain flexible and meet our clients where they are and when they need the help the most to find what services they want/need.

Because success is NOT the key to happiness, HAPPINESS is the key to success.

For more information on our services and we might be able to help you or a loved one reach out to me by phone or text at 608-778-3528 or by email at You can also reach out to our 24-hour hotline at 800-924-2624 or visit our website at

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