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Community Alliance Groups

Forging Partnerships to Enhance our Services

In order to serve our clients and our community to the best of our abilities, Family Advocates has forged partnerships, joined boards, and engrossed ourselves in topics and groups that help support and enhance the mission of our organization.

Southwest Wisconsin
Rainbow Alliance

Member of the Board of Directors.  Southwest Wisconsin Rainbow Alliance (SWRA) are a group of individuals in the Southwest Wisconsin area who are dedicated to support and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ individuals in our community.

SWRA strives to create a safe and welcoming Southwest Wisconsin. We have monthly support groups, public board meetings, and social engagement.


Neighborhood Health Partners

Neighborhood Health Partners

Neighborhood Health Partners offers a confidential, affordable clinic setting where people of any lifestyle or background can get information about reproductive healthcare, basic tests of reproductive health, healthcare resources.  There services are limited to office hours; therefore, Family Advocates agreed to be the twenty-four hour after hours resource for reproductive health products.

Family Resource Center

Iowa County

“To empower families by providing innovative
programs, events, and resources that capitalize on strengths, support growth and promote healthy
families.” Programs include: 
K.I.C.K.S-(Keeping Iowa County Kids Safe) - Parent Partner Program - Wacky Wednesday Group - Car Seat Program- Parents Forever Program.

Open Arms
Grant Homeless Taskforce.png
Grant County Taskforce on Homelessness

The taskforce works to end homelessness in Grant County through combined resources.  A single dwelling homeless shelter is available to house individuals and small families for short periods of time.  Case management is provided to assist with housing needs and successful outcomes. 

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters of Grant and Lafayette Counties are groups working to increase access to treatment and support while working to reduce stigma and empower communities to take action.  


Platteville Area

Member and on Board of Directors of Optimists of Platteville. An organization with worldwide reach but locally driven.
Optimist International's mission is to provide hope and positive vision, to bring out the best in children.

There are over 100 members in the Platteville chapter that interact regularly through weekly breakfast meetings, fundraising opportunities, youth-related projects and activities, and social events.  Our vision:  To Impact the Lives of Youth in a Positive and Encouraging Manner. 


Platteville Residents

The Platteville housing board helps support the housing director who help low income families with rent They base the rent off family size and income and the families are to pay 30 percent of their income to the rent and housing pays the rest. This is to help people in their time of need to get back on their feet.   

Platteville Holiday Project Committee

This committee collects toys and winter jackets to hand out to families before the holidays that may not be able afford much for Christmas. Families are able to pick out books for their children a new toy and a few gentle used toys.  Platteville residents can use this service. 

Salvation Army.png
Salvation Army - Board

We help in disaster relief situations. We can also help people with small crisis like small car repairs, bus tickets, utilities bills, some rent relief, hotel vouchers for a night different things like that. We also have small project money that we can use to help other nonprofit organizations with thing’s like school supplies or the Platteville holiday project.

Southwest Wisconsin Area SART

Grant, Iowa and Lafayette County.

Bringing Prosecution, Law Enforcement, SANE (sexual assault nurse examiners) and Advocates to the table to make sure there is a victim centered approach to helping sexual assault victims through the process of reporting.

The mission is to collaborate as multidisciplinary network of support to provide advocacy, show compassion and serve sexual assault survivors of Grant, Iowa and Lafayette counties as well as heighten awareness in the communities.

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