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Help is a Click Away

Please reach out to our trained advocates for help filling out forms, navigating our justice and social service systems, and for peer counseling. 


Family Advocates provides free and confidential help to victims and survivors of

child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse.

Resources for families to obtain affordable housing including housing assistance and low-income housing.

If you need a little help to get you through the month, there is a list of food pantries HERE.

If you need help for a while there are programs available to get assistance HERE.

Information on free and no cost clinics as well as government assistance for mental health and health care.

Navigating our judicial system can be a cumbersome task that victims/survivors are not ready to tackle.

Please reach out to our advocates for help with forms and court proceedings.

Financial Assistance

Wisconsin Works  W-2 Program

W-2 is a program that provides employment services, case management and cash assistance to eligible families.


Crime Victim Compensation (CVC)

Victims of violent crime and family of deceased victims may have significant out-of-pocket expenses.  CVC helps pay for  eligible expenses that resulted from the crime.   APPLY

For some, the pain of being a survivor/victim of violence can trigger substance abuse. In fact, those who have been abused are 15 times more likely to abuse alcohol and 9 times more likely to abuse drugs than those without a history of abuse.

LGBTQ+ Resources for advocacy, support and referral agencies to aid trans and non-binary individuals in navigating government and private systems.

Healing and enriching resources for those who have experienced trauma.

Books, Worksheets, Activities

for your healing journey.

Free and confidential help is a phone call away...

Holding Hands

Family Advocates

Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help support your decisions and provide resources for victims/survivors of abuse. Please call 800-924-2624

Smart Phone Call


Hotline Numbers

For access to additional help, please see the listing below for a robust list of hotline numbers. 

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