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Resources - Health Care and Mental Health

Help is a Click Away

Please reach out to our trained advocates for help filling out forms, navigating our justice and social service systems, and for peer counseling. 


Family Advocates provides free and confidential help to victims and survivors of

child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse.

BadgerCare Plus is a program that provides health care coverage for eligible low-income Wisconsin residents.

Call 1-888-794-5780 or visit

Access Wisconsin.GOV

Wisconsin's Medicaid provides health care coverage for: 


- Individual 65 or older, blind

     or disabled.

 - Individual who have family

     income at or below the

     monthly program limit.

 - Are U.S. citizens or legal


Visit Medicaid

The Family Planning Only Services Program provides men and women with certain family planning-related services and supplies to prevent unplanned pregnancies. 

If you have questions about the Family Planning Only Services Program, including questions about covered services, please call,  1-800-362-3002.

The Katie Beckett Program provides health care coverage for eligible children under age 19 who have long-term disabilities or complex medical needs and who live with their family.

Grant County 608-288-9808

Lafayette County 608-263-7861

Iowa County 608-288-9808

Sarah Bennett, Cynthia Cardona, or Alice Thorson with United Cerebral Palsy will help you by telephone.

Care Facilities

Woman & Doctor
Health Care

Area clinics/doctors providing health services for free or sliding scale fees based on income.


Birthing Miracles

Pregnancy Services

Joey Larson 608-723-9819


Community Connections Free Clinic

101 E. Fountain St, Dodgeville, WI

608-930-2232 or EMAIL

Crescent Community Health Center

1690 Elm St. Suite 300, Dubuque, Iowa


InHealth Community Wellness Free Clinic

109 E Bluff St, Boscobel, WI


Neighborhood Health Partners

(Two locations)

65 S Elm St, Platteville, WI

608-348-9766 or 877-449-7422


1017 17th St, Monroe, WI

608-328-9500 or 877-449-7422


Through Wisconsin's SAFE

(Sexual Assault Forensic Exam) fund, sexual assault exams are free at:

Southwest Health

1400 Eastside Rd, Platteville, WI


Child Brushing Teeth 2

Area dental clinics that offer services to low income and 

uninsured individuals.

Affordable Dental Care, Inc.

2110 Fordem Ave, Madison, WI


Crescent Community Health Center

1690 Elm St. Suite 300, Dubuque, Iowa


Dodgeville Dental Clinic

103 E. Fountain St, Dodgville, WI


Fowler Dental Clinic

N3150 Hwy 81, Suite b14, Monroe, WI


Therapy Session
Mental Health

Area mental health providers that accept Badger Care. 


Crescent Community Health Center

1690 Elm St. Suite 300, Dubuque, Iowa


Empowerment Counseling
702 S Madison St, Lancaster, WI


Find Your Way Counseling

20 S 4th Street, Platteville, WI



Lutheran Social Services
115 W Merrimac St, Dodgeville, WI

Medical Associates Clinic
1240 Big Jack Rd, Platteville, WI

Mental Health Services
Human Services Building
626 Main St, Darlington, WI


Mindful Solutions Counseling
6861 N 2nd St, Platteville, WI

Platteville Family Resource Center

1075 N Elm Ste.120, Platteville, WI

218 E Swayne St, Dodgeville, WI

219 W Maple St, Lancaster, WI


Southwest Behavioral Services
In Southwest Health

1400 Eastside Rd, Platteville, WI



Southwest Counseling
770 Lincoln Ave #7, Fennimore, WI

Unified Community Services

(Fees for most services are on a sliding scale,

based on your ability to pay.)

200 W Alona Ln, Lancaster, WI


1122 Professional Dr, Dodgeville, WI


Upland Counseling Associates

1118 Professional Dr, Dodgeville, WI


WKM Psychology Clinics
6058 South Chestnut St, Platteville, WI

605 N. Bennett Rd., Dodgeville, WI
131 South Monroe St, Lancaster, WI


Youth Crisis Stabilization Facilities

Milwaukee, Watertown &


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