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Pilot Jail Program

Jail Program

Iowa County Jail

Pilot Program

Family Advocates Inc. has joined together with Iowa County Jail to provide bi-weekly sessions to the inmates on four topics:

  1. Trauma - The trauma session covers the basics of trauma, what it is how it might affect someone and how to start healing from trauma.

  2. Healthy Boundaries - With healthy boundaries the focus is on keeping relationship safe from friendships on up to intimate partners. We discuss healthy conflicts and resolutions and how to respect the effects trauma can have on other people.

  3. Confidence and Self-Esteem - This session helps differentiate between resilience, stubbornness, confidence, and arrogance. With additional attention paid to what confidence and resilience look like and how building confidence and resilience can be a path corrector.

  4. Self-Care - Jail self-care is tough but very important. Realizing the skills that one can use in a confined environment within their own bodies inmates discover skills that can help them manage themselves through the day.

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