Domestic Violence Awareness Walk

Domestic Violence Awareness Walk

Facebook Virtual Event in 2020


As part of a statewide project, Family Advocates 

hangs a lantern outside our shelter for a week every time there is a death related to domestic violence in Wisconsin - The Lantern Project.

In October of every year, we gather with survivors, families and friends affected by or who support others affected by domestic violence to walk.  We walk to remember those who did not survive who may not have had the support, the means or the courage they needed to leave.


We will walk to City Park to hear from a survivor and have a candle lit ceremony to remember those who lost there life in Wisconsin last year as a result of domestic violence.  Join us in a Walk to End the Violence.

Domestic Violence Awareness 2020

This year we will not be hosting a walk due to the pandemic, we will be posting victims who lost their life to domestic violence in 2019  throughout the month of October to our Facebook page.

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