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Information on the Sex Offender Registry

Sexual Assault Outreach Advocate, Kendra Kaul

People who are convicted of one of these crimes is mandated to be on the sex offender registry for 15 years after being discharged from probation, supervision, or parole:

• First, second, or third-degree sexual assault of an adult

• First or second-degree sexual assault of a child

• Repeated acts of sexual assault of the same child

• Sexual exploitation by a therapist

• Sexual exploitation of a child

• Trafficking a child

• Forcing a child to view or listen to sexual activity

• Incest involving a child

• Child enticement

• Use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime

• Soliciting a child for prostitution

• Sexual assault of a child placed in substitute care or by school staff

• Exposing a child to harmful materials

• Possession of child pornography

If it is a more serious crime for example; First or second degree sexual assault of an adult or child, repeats acts with a child, acts with a child in substitute care, two or more convictions of the same sexual offense then there are more stipulations and supervised release rules. Find more on this at:

Sex Offender Registry: Sexual assault, rape, and sex offenses in Wisconsin go on a public registry for the public to view at:

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