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Path's to Healing LGBTQ Love, Acceptance and Resiliency

A Path to Liberation

Outreach Services Director, Paula Schoenberg

Looking at the power and control wheel we use to show survivors of abuse has always been a powerful tool to use. However, when working with LGBTQ survivors there are more spokes on that power and control wheel: Trans-phobia, Homo/bi-phobia, heterorsexualism and HIV related abuse. This makes it even more difficult for LGBTQ survivors to get out of unhealthy relationships.

Some LGBTQ survivors have been told sometimes its just better to stay in the relationship than to try to get out. Barriers LGBTQ survivors have to overcome are also very prevalent such as:

They may have to educate first when reaching out for help

Having to explain how it happened in more detail than most.

LGBTQ experiences sensationalism

Mistakenly being seen as the perpetrator

Being blamed for the assault

Not being taken seriously

Not having their experience labeled as sexual assault or rape

Not being understood

Being treated in a homo-phobic manner by police, rape crisis and others

Being outed

Reading this list you could understand the difficulties one will have reporting. Advocates supporting LBGTQ survivors need to remember to:



*Use inclusive language, if you don't know ask!

*Remember we don't need details of the incident

*Don't ask them to educate you

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