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Protecting Your Children

Technology Predators

Executive Director, Darlene Masters

With advancements in technology, it is very hard to keep up with what our kids are doing online and what apps they are using. The changes occur daily. This can be very scary for someone who has children or children that they care about or care for.

Online predators (according to known statistics) are often male and honest about being adults. These predators target not only females, but also males. They are clear about their expectations and are attracted by certain behaviors. There are approximately 12,500 daily reports of online exploitation. The reports come from Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, google and other sites as well as from private citizens. In Wisconsin, there are at least 10 reports daily (according to 2019 statistics).

New apps continue to emerge or shift which allows predators to have easier access. I was astounded to learn of apps that I had never heard of and what their capabilities are. Most of us are familiar with Facebook, instagram, twitter, and snapchat. However, there are an abundance of apps that I had heard of but knew nothing about, and other apps that I didn't know were available and what their dangers were.

Here is a list of some of the apps that I recommend learning about to protect those you care about: Imgur, Whisper, Meet Me, Omegle, Photo Vault, Spy Calc, Tik Tok. Of course, there are many more apps with dangerous capabilities, but this is a great place to start! I also encourage you to report any suspicious activity in order to assist in the protection of all!

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