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"Safe" at Home

Melissa Palfrey, Community Relations Director

Given recent events with a global pandemic, I have been seeing cabin fever posts of friends on Facebook and chatter about quality family time, crafting, and healthy activities outdoors. However, I work at Family Advocates, so when I hear “Safe at Home” my thoughts turn to those who might not be “Safe” in their home. Those that are not ready or able to leave an abusive relationship.

I have included in this blog post a Safety Plan for individuals who may not be feeling so safe at home. Even if you do not fill it out in its entirety, it will give you some food for thought and things to consider in keeping yourself and your children safe in your home.

Where is your safe place if you decide to leave? Do you have an emergency bag packed for you and your children (a comfort toy/blanket)? Do you have an extra set of keys, documents in another location with a friend in case you need to leave immediately? Do you know the name and address of your local shelter or the national hotline?

Please remember, if you decide to reach out to Family Advocates, that does not mean you have to report to police or decide to leave your abuser, we are here to support your decisions and help keep you safe.


Safe at Home Project

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

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Macie Downs
Macie Downs
Sep 12, 2021

Hi ggreat reading your blog

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