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Self-Care Friday with Kira

As a mom, wife, and advocate, I’m always taking care of and helping others. And I truly love being a helper and caretaker! But I’ve learned that in order to be able to be there for others, I have to first take care of myself: mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Self-care is essential to well-being.

I do a number of things to take care of myself: I love a good walk (especially now as it’s finally getting nice outside!) I go for rides in my car and sing along to my favorite music (loudly and poorly, but it’s fun anyway.) I put on headphones and bake banana bread. I binge my favorite Netflix (or other) shows when I’m stuck inside on weekends. I laugh at ridiculous memes and play Nintendo games with my kids. I make time for date nights with my spouse.

All of these and more bring me joy and peace and help me re-focus on life.

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