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Staff Spotlight - Kendra Kaul

I am Kendra Kaul, the Sexual Assault Outreach Advocate for Family Advocates. I mainly work with survivors and victims of sexual violence.

A brief overview of who I am is that I graduated from UW-Platteville with my Bachelor's in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Throughout my college career, I was unsure of exactly what I wanted to do. However, I knew I wanted to help individuals who have been in similar situations and have had similar experiences to me.

Once I graduated from college, I came on as the sexual assault outreach advocate at Family Advocates. I have many roles, including peer counseling, going to the hospital for forensic exams, responding to police interviews after someone has been sexually assaulted, and helping clients through the court process. I also provide prevention and education services to local middle and high schools by doing presentations on healthy relationships and other topics related to that. I offer peer support groups within the local middle and high schools.

For more information, please reach out to me at 608-330-2591, email me at or visit our Sexual Assault webpage. If you need immediate assistance and would like to talk to one of our advocates, you can call our hotline at 800-924-2624.

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