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Basic Skills and Tools to Stabalize Trauma

Trauma Stabilizing: Implementing Basic Skills and Tools

Outreach Services Director, Paula Schoenberg

Working on a safety plan with survivors is important work to be done before another stressful situation happens. Creating a survival kit with the survivor is also a great tool to for victims to have handy for stressful situations. This is one way an individual can help themselves feel safe.

Things that could be included in the survival kit are:

1. Notes of affirmation from their advocate, therapist, family and/or friends

2. A list of things that help them feel and stay safe

3. A photograph that reminds them of their strength or a reason to thrive and not just survive.

4. A list of people they can call as a support system

5. Art supplies or items that they could help use to help ground themselves

Teaching them tools to cope and stabilize their moods, feelings, and general mental state can be useful tools while individuals transition and heal from trauma.

Some tools that can be helpful are:

1. Grounding and centering techniques

2. Coping strategies for dealing with suicidal and self-harming impulses

3. How to anticipate stressful or triggering events

4. Learning to calm the body and mind

5. How to distinguish past and present reality and how to stay in the present.

Helping a person feel safe in a time they don't and can't imagine being safe is the important work advocates can do with their clients.


End Abuse WI - Trauma Stabilization Seminar

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