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Shelter Support Animal

Service Dog as a Shelter Pet

Shelter Director, Melissa Duve

The whole process of obtaining a shelter support dog can take up to 2 years. The dog needs to be trained to be able to sit with clients and children during their time in need whether it be a police interview, going to court or just advocacy. The dog is given a handler and they also have to go train with them to learn the commands.

I observed a shelter service dog that had been fully trainined; he knew when he was working and when his free time was. The shelters that have this program in place said it was amazing and that every shelter should have one. The cost to get a dog is very expensive with all its training but they said was worth it. They had a local vet that donated all its medical care and someone else donated all the food. I think looking into a shelter support dog would be very good for our clients' needs.

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